The story of One Dress – Top to Bottom conquers party scene!

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Have you ever heard the phrase that women have nothing to wear? If you’ve heard the phrase directly from your friends or relatives, you probably remember that the moment this phrase is said, you just can’t help but notice the closet with an endless amount of clothes falling out of it.

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That’s how we are – we want to look original every time, but constant shopping is detrimental not only to our wallet but also to nature.

Dresses are an integral part of women’s identity. They help us reveal our elegance, combining feminine fragility and grandeur together. What is the secret of a perfect dress, you ask? I, myself, thought about it for a long time until I realized one of the most fundamental problems that women face so often. Guided by this “I don’t have anything to wear” phenomenon and sustainable fashion trends, I created my perfect dress that led to my journey into the world of fashion business!

Top to Bottom classic Multiway dresses are a multifunctional garment. This convertible dress is made in such a way that one garment can serve as at least 10! And they will all look different thanks to the wide variety of ways they are tied together. After purchasing one dress, you will forget the “I have nothing to wear” phrase for a long time and will be able to invest or spend the money you saved elsewhere!

This Infinity dress has become the main model of Top to Bottom collection and popularized this brand all over Lithuania and other European countries!

The story of One Dress – Top to Bottom conquers party scene!

With the introduction of the Multiway dress collection, they quickly became an extremely popular choice for a gala dress.

Despite the fact that we did not yet have our own studio where girls could see our products live, Top to Bottom dresses gained more and more trust and attention. Two of the most popular at the time were the nude dress and the red dress.

These two colors took to conquer the hearts of women really quick. A little later, party divas were able to adorn themselves with a dark blue dress and a emerald dress that spread a sense of luxury and reassurance. You could even choose a ash grey color dress – anything that ladies wished for. With the popularity of dresses, there have been more and more shades tailored and designed to accentuate every girl’s skin tone, hair and even eye color!

The story of One Dress – Top to Bottom conquers party scene!

Over time Top to Bottom Multi dress collection moved to several Lithuanian designer boutiques, which began to be visited by more and more loyal followers of our brand.

Women were looking for a quality fashion dress and we were able to offer it! As the brand expanded, Top to Bottom opened its first studio in Vilnius, where I was able to meet our customers in person and hear their expectations, wishes and advice for future collections. At the time, Top to Bottom mostly offered dresses for summer, so I started thinking about fall dresses as well. I wanted to dress our customers not only in the warm but also in the cold season, so I needed a dress with long sleeves!

That’s when the Wrap around dresses were released! It was a luxury silk gown decorated with large, puffed sleeves. Stylish Wrap over dress combined pomp and modern fashion, so it instantly became popular at parties, weddings and other celebrations. While creating this collection, I did not forget the original idea of the Top to Bottom brand – functionality. That is why all Wrap over dresses can be worn in two different ways – a more reserved or a more revealing! You can wear a Nude color dress for a reserved celebration or a Red wrap around dress for a romantic party and you will never go wrong!

When Top to Bottom dresses became a popular choice among bridesmaids in weddings, we started receiving interest from brides too! Gradually, brides started wearing our white long dress models from both collections as their wedding dresses. It was incredible! The fact that a Top to Bottom dress can become one of the most important dresses in a woman’s life has given me an endless sense of self-confidence and bliss. Encouraged by such events, I decided to create an entire wedding line for brides and their bridesmaids.

The story of One Dress – Top to Bottom conquers party scene!

Despite its popularity for parties, birthdays and personal celebrations, Top to Bottom dresses can be combined even with casual wear! Classic dresses of various colors and lengths will easily go well with other clothes and will supplement your outfit with subtle femininity.If you are more towards the #girlboss vibes, take a look at our Multi Jumpsuit collection. It is not technically a dress, but it’s still flattering and chic enough for you to rock the party scene as well as an important meeting!

Wait! What about plus size clothes? 

Dear ladies, I have certainly not forgotten you. Top to Bottom brand was created for all women with any type of body! Our dresses adapt perfectly to your curves, so you can even order dresses online without being afraid that something will not fit. For encouragement, we have a separate Plus Size section where you can see how our dresses look on amazing plus size models. Appreciate and love yourself because you deserve to feel great.

The story of One Dress – Top to Bottom conquers party scene!

Top to Bottom collection is dedicated to those who value sustainability and responsible approach to consumer culture. I want the products I create to have a nobler purpose, that’s why I invite you, dear ladies, to contribute to nature and the reduction of endless consumerism. The dress can be worn more than one time, so let’s conquer the world together!

Thank you for being!
Until next time,

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