New fashion movement: bridesmaids in jumpsuits!

jumpsuit for women

Jumpsuits for women

Today the trousers worn by women are no surprise in many countries. The “manly outfit” has replaced skirts and dresses and makes the everyday life of a modern woman much easier! Let’s face it – all of us appreciate comfort and mobility. While pants are considered casual, we can always add some spice of femininity by combining them with high heels. However, one niche is still having a hard time getting in the pants – it’s the wedding celebrations! Guess what?! Top to Bottom brand has set out to revolutionize the wedding industry! Jumpsuits for every women.

Comfortable elegance

Top to Bottom fashion jumpsuits will give women the same sense of elegance and chic as any other evening dress. The only difference is that you will feel confident and comfortable with these overalls! TTB bridesmaids jumpsuits are made of the highest quality Italian knitwear. The material is light, soft, doesn’t wrinkle or fluff, so you won’t have any problems wearing or caring for this amazing product!

Modern wedding ceremonies are no longer held only in churches – outdoor ceremonies in nature, on the beach or outdoor terraces have become especially popular. All these areas are sometimes challenging in case of uncomfortable wedding guest attire. With a TTB multiway jumpsuit, you will feel amazing in any situation! It will help you overcome all wedding-related challenges!

jumpsuits for women

A wide range of colors

Every bride plans her celebration meticulously. Wedding themes and colors play a particularly important role – decorations, bridesmaid dresses and men’s accessories often depend on the chosen color! Top to Bottom has created an extremely wide range of colors for the new jumpsuit collection- all so that each bride and her bridesmaids could find the most suitable shade that matches their wedding colors.

Gentle, pastel shades are perfect for a romantic and cozy wedding. A rose or cream jumpsuit will blend perfectly between bright wedding decorations, golden dunes or marble church walls.

Meanwhile, extremely stylish and formal weddings require sophisticated choices such as emerald jumpsuitbordeaux jumpsuitor a black classy jumpsuit. These colors are especially common in luxury weddings, but they will go well in a ceremony surrounded by forest too!

We really recommend bold, bright shades for exclusive style weddings! Our playful blue and copper jumpsuit will bring youthful freshness to your wedding celebration! If you don’t want to succumb to trends and emphasize your unique taste – these shades are just for you!

jumpsuits for women

Suitable for all walks of life

Loyal TTB customers already know that no product is released without the multi-functionality feature. Just like any other Top to Bottom product, this infinity jumpsuit can be tied in different ways! Special elastic straps will allow girls to create many different styles and change the look of the overall from waist up! Unleash your imagination and tie TTB overalls in a variety of ways to create exclusive, fashionable silhouettes!

While most bridesmaid dresses end up in the closets forever, our top and bottom jumpsuit lives on. Due to its multifunctional purpose, this multi jumpsuit can be adapted to everyday life as well! Match your jacket and sneakers, and it will become an everyday outfit. Tie it differently, add high heels and jewelry, and you are ready to attend other celebrations. There is no occasion that beats this multifaceted clothing attribute!

We love all shapes and curves

These elegant overalls for women are some of the favorite products of our plus size girls! The bandage over the torso accentuates the waistline, and the material falling from it disguises the tummy. Wide pants give grace and visually elongate the silhouette, thus adding a stylish charm to the outfit. Due to its lightness and softness, this material feels “naked” on the body. Unlike common bridesmaid dresses, these overalls will adapt to your curves and allow you to celebrate without any restraint!

We’ve noticed that plus size girls often look for more reserved styles. Therefore, guided by these wishes, we have created a special tube top that will allow you to cover the chest area and create even more combinations with our TTB multiway collections!

New fashion movement: bridesmaids in jumpsuits!

She wears the pants

Women have been wearing pants for over 70 years now! In fact, this saying has several meanings, one related to the fashion revolution and the other to financial independence. The saying “she wears the pants” refers to a woman’s financial advantage in the family and is related to the twentieth century changes in fashion trends that were really important to womenfolk! Coco Chanel has freed women from uncomfortable corsets by introducing the fashion for pants, and Top to Bottom is inviting you to join a new fashion movement – bridesmaids in overalls!

Towards a sustainable fashion…

Top to Bottom products are driven by sustainable fashion trends – all TTB products are handmade and sewn from high quality fabrics. The higher the product quality, the longer it will serve you! In order to last as long as possible, each product is designed in a way for you to never get tired of wearing it! Join the Top to Bottom mission and become your own designer, creating ever new images with one piece!

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