Wedding Etiquette – Useful tips from Top to Bottom!

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Many experts unanimously name what should not be done during the wedding but not all provide useful advice on how to look refined and tasteful! That’s where Top to Bottom steps in with a little bit of help! Along with each mistake, we will provide you with a solution to it! Read more:

Mistake No. 1 | Oops, I’m late!

Being late for a wedding is a great disrespect for the couple. If you are late for serious reasons, then you can justify yourself, but being late because you were trying to come up with the right wedding outfit for the whole morning is very unacceptable! Think carefully about the outfit in advance so you don’t have to arrive after the ceremony has already begun!

Quick Solution

The creation of an ideal look takes time and creativity, so it is no wonder why women are looking for these special day dresses for so long. Top to Bottom offers multifunctional clothes that you can change whenever you want and create many stylish combinations. To avoid last minute stress, we recommend trying TTB products in advance.

Look what dress or jumpsuit strapping way suits you best and match accessories without time pressure. Believe us, after preparing all the clothes in the evening, you will feel completely calm in the morning, and you will be 100% confident at the celebration! Interested? Then read on and see what Top to Bottom has to offer!

Mistake No. 2 | Second bride

The most important rule is not to look like a bride. This mistake is the subject of many debates and, in fact, a lot of brides quietly agree to be unpleasantly surprised if a guest appears at their wedding dressed in a white dress. Various bright, pastel and even laced dresses are not suitable for the wedding guest. The latest trend wedding dresses can also be light pink or cream in color, adorned with a variety of lace patterns, so if you don’t wear a white wedding dress, it doesn’t mean you won’t accidentally become a second bride.

Quick Solution

To avoid this unpleasant situation, look for colorful or casual dresses for wedding, decorated with various patterns and flowers. Choose the most suitable shade for your skin or hair tones and feel great. Top to Bottom multiway dress, which is sold in various colors, will provide the opportunity to purchase at least 5 dresses for the price of one! You will be able to tie this dress in a variety of ways and use it not only once, but for all your friends’ weddings, looking different each time!

Wedding Etiquette – Useful tips from Top to Bottom!
Wrap-over dress "Florence"
Wedding Etiquette – Useful tips from Top to Bottom!
Multi dress "Aurora"

Mistake No. 3 | Additional bridesmaid

Bridesmaids are an exclusive group of the bride’s closest friends, to whom special attention is also paid. Sometimes guests, unaware of these nuances, choose the same color or even the same dress as the one of the bridesmaids’! Then those around them or those working at the celebration may not understand which people to involve in additional activities or certain pre-planned parts of the celebration.

Quick Solution

It is advisable to ask the bride what color the bridesmaid dress will be before going to the wedding and avoid looking similar. If you accidentally choose a dress of the same model, then at least the color will be different! Well, and if you’re worried about dresses, we have a great solution – Top to Bottom Jumpsuits! Such overalls are actually less often chosen than a multi bridesmaid dress, but they are definitely stylish and comfortable for a wedding guest! Choosing the right accessories will make you look especially luxurious and sophisticated.

Mistake No. 4 | Stage Queen?

Extravagant, bright and stage dress-like outfits are a frequent mistake of wedding guests. Let’s leave bright, puffy dresses and huge flower embellishments in the past – they look ridiculous and involuntarily signal poor taste and lack of attention.

Quick Solution

Always remember that less is more when choosing makeup and clothes for the wedding. That way, you’ll look really stylish and certainly won’t miss a point. Try to discover the golden mean while maintaining classic cuts and colors. One of the most popular Top to Bottom options for weddings is a wrap over dress. Choose different lengths of this elegant dress that you can wear in two different ways! And if pomp is a part of your personality – then the same model decorated with puffed sleeves will give you a bit of exclusivity!

Mistake No. 5 | Dress code? Not for me!

Some couples plan their wedding very scrupulously – every detail is thought through and everything has to be perfect! Often in such cases a wedding dress code is already mentioned in the invitation. This request should not be ignored – maybe the couple came up with a joint photo session or film for all the guests, planned even the smallest details of the wedding for a long time and your indifference can upset them.

Quick Solution

Sometimes dress code instructions may be related to the color or special costume themes, but there are official dress codes known around the world that the couple can refer to in their wedding invitations. If you have received an invitation with a dress code, please refer to all the nuances associated with that dress code. This will not only expand your general knowledge of clothing etiquette, but will also make it easier to find the right outfit for your celebration! We guarantee that Top to Bottom bridal dresses will fit all official dress codes!

Mistake No. 6 | At the beach!

If the wedding doesn’t take place on the seashore and the couple doesn’t ask you to dress up in a beach dress – don’t choose one! Small, open or extra-short dresses don’t look as good at weddings as they might look at the club! Remember, a wedding ceremony is often held in a house of prayer where the unwritten dress rules apply. If you do not want to wait for the end of the ceremony outside, think about your outfit in advance!

Quick Solution

In order to avoid misunderstandings and unwanted attention during the ceremony – choose a more moderate fashion dress. A perfect fit would be a mini or maxi wrap wedding guest dress or multi dress which can be worn in a more reserved manner. If you want to additionally cover your chest you can use a special Top to Bottom band, which you can easily put on and take off at any time during the day! Remember – every occasion has its own dress rules.

Mistake No. 7 | No idea where I am!

Every single one of us had their fair share of awkwardness when overdressing or underdressing, right? It’s a terrible feeling and usually we spend the whole evening thinking about it! Ignoring the scale of the celebration is an unforgivable mistake that will make you and the people around feel uncomfortable.

women with short, pink, silk dress

Quick Solution

Dressing “off-topic” is not the best feeling, so consider various wedding nuances before choosing your outfit. Ask the couple about the size, type, and location of their celebration. Maybe it’s a huge feast in a luxury mansion? Or maybe it’s a modest wedding in the circle of their closest friends! Pay attention to this and match the outfit according to the type of celebration. Top to Bottom stylish convertible dress will help you avoid mistakes! You can make both – a simple cocktail and a luxurious evening dress from one product! And you can do all this already at the venue! So if you arrived and realized your dress doesn’t blend it, you can fix the situation without much hassle!

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Choosing the right outfit for a wedding is not easy and can sometimes become a real challenge! We hope that these tips will help more than one girl choose that perfect option and have a great time at their celebrations! In order to make the selection of the dress even smoother, we invite you to visit our studios in Vilnius and Kaunas, where our staff will help and serve you with love! Top to Bottom Lithuanian dresses are ecological and handmade, so when choosing us, you also choose sustainable fashion and pollution reduction on the planet!

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Wedding Etiquette – Useful tips from Top to Bottom!