Top To Bottom apparel care memo – let them last longer!

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Excessive consumption is replaced by deliberate purchasing and attentive care of clothing. By choosing high-quality clothes, you shop less often, which reduces consumerism. Properly maintained clothing lasts even longer, so extend your noble mission with these Top to Bottom apparel care tips:

Multi products

Multi collection garments such as multiway dresses, multiway swimsuit or a pencil dress are made of the highest quality lycra fabric. It is advisable to wash multi dress or beachwear only when necessary and at a temperature not exceeding 30 °C. You don’t have to take these products to the cleaner – wash them in the washing machine, but don’t forget to set the gentle washing mode, without the spin function. It is best if you wash multi products without mixing them with other clothes. When washed these products can be easily ironed, but we recommend doing it by turning the clothes inside out. This will protect it from unexpected iron stains or other unpleasant surprises!

Although from the same collection, Multi jumpsuits are easier to care for, because it’s made from the highest quality Italian knitwear. This fabric is light and soft, so it does not wrinkle or frizz at all. Multi overalls will wash perfectly at 30 °C and dry quickly on the hanger, so don’t even bother pulling out the iron!

As the world increasingly turns to sustainable fashion trends, people are beginning to think more responsibly.

Wrap-over products

The wrap over dresses are very delicate, so we recommend washing them in a separate washing bag and at a maximum temperature of 30 °C. This way the dresses will not be tangled with other clothes and will be protected from various buttons or hooks from other items in the washing machine. Silky items, such as white dress for women should be washed separately from other clothes so that the fabric isn’t stained by another color or otherwise damaged. Wash the wrap over dress only when you really need to. The advantage of this collection is that the dresses dry extremely easily and do not require additional ironing! If you are scared to iron it, just hang the dress on a hanger in the bathroom and leave it to dry. The moisture in the bathroom will perfectly smooth the fabric. And if you need to straighten your clothes quickly, the best results are guaranteed by using steam irons! Use them to smooth out all wrap-over products quickly and effortlessly.

Slip dresses and Two-piece sets

These particularly luxurious and delicate looking slip dresses and two-piece sets don’t really require complicated care. These silky dresses and two-piece sets, as well as the convertible dress, can be machine-washed at a temperature of 30 °C. To prevent damaging the silky fabric, we recommend that you do not use the spin function when washing (preferably use manual mode) and do not tumble dry. Wash the dresses by loosening the side laces – preferably without other extra clothes. Drying these products is also very easy – just hang them on a hanger and leave in the bathroom. If the latter option is not possible, feel free to iron both the slip dresses and the two-piece sets with steam or a regular iron (just don’t forget to turn it inside out).

Top To Bottom apparel care memo – let them last longer!

About maintenance in general

To sum up the TTB clothing care tips, we want to emphasize that you can apply 3 basic maintenance rules to all our clothes: wash inside out, dry naturally and wash only when really needed. Also consider detergents – it is recommended to choose liquid detergents for short and low temperature washing, as they dissolve more quickly in water. Don’t forget fabric softener – in addition to the fragrance function, one of the most valuable properties of softeners is that they nourish the fabric, prevent the colors from fading, protect the clothes from electrification and give it softness. Try to use different means for dark clothes. This will prevent light detergent residues on the fabric – we recommend choosing washing capsules!

Our team strives to change the way we look at fashion and encourages consumers to make responsible choices. That’s why by buying Top to Bottom products, you are already contributing to saving the planet, improving the working conditions of fashion industry workers and reducing consumerism in the world. Let’s carry out this mission together!

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Top To Bottom apparel care memo – let them last longer!